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Andrei bucureci

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Bucureci was a collaborator in Radio Guerrilla, Electronic Beats by Telekom, Metropotam and is  an architecture, art and design graduate. 

The Sound of Art to Come Records is his latest project, a Transylvanian based platform,  publishing house and record label, home of Dub, Electronic and Experimental music outcasts  and exploring mavericks. Deep in the heart of Romania, SoAC transmits from the dimension of  The Shape of Dub to Come. The team offer a select curation of artworks, collages, music and  remixes inspired by Pop Art and horror film soundtracks.


Bucureci Intimidatah curates a bimonthly selection of music on Black Rhino Radio. The Everyday  Is Halloween sessions are dedicated to Jamaican music and dub, reggae and bass music sounds  all over the world inspired by Horror films, concepts, art and a certain dark spooky haunting  aesthetic. 

It may sound strange but Everyday Is Halloween focuses on the special sound that bridges the  gap between pop art culture, comic books and Caribbean culture. 

These mixes aim to be similar to a pirate Eastern EU radio show from another dimension,  ranging from weird experimental authentic local dub to traditional reggae-dub with ska and  rock influences. The music featured on the show is from across the decades since the 1960’s to  present Halloween days. 

The show will feature exclusive remixes and never-heard-before original songs from the Sound  of Art to Come renegade Transylvanian label.

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