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ABOUT FEEDER.RO is „the alternative nation’s news agency”, a website which, since 2004, has been publishing news and articles on the urban scene, alternative events, contemporary art, music, dance & street art. Now we are broadening our scope in order to expand the conversation that feeder has been maintaining with its readers and partners for 16 years.

In its continuous endeavours promoting quality events and news, feeder rounded up an online network of trendsetters and influencers, djs and promoters, along with visual artists and key figures in general who made their mark on and continue to advance Bucharest’s image. Cristian Vasile aka Igu, the founder of, continues to be an inspiration through his personal projects, all the team involved over the years, the partners, supporters, friends, and most importantly, YOU, the reader!

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It‘s nice talking with YOU every day, discovering this interesting world of art, music, design, film and the internet. We hope you enjoy this ride as much as we do. We’re one click away so keep in touch and talk soon.

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Avid planner or spontaneous explorer? Whatever your philosophy, this is where your thoughts of spending a quiet day at home come to die. Search by date or popular category to find the perfect event for savouring urban life.

Organising an event? Submit it to feeder’s calendar – it’s both free and easy, conditioned by the editors’ approval, or contact us for personalized advertising options.


feeder insider is a series of interviews published weekly on, starting March 2014

More than 130 interviews explore the universe surrounding music and visual arts while connecting the local to the international creative scene. In order to expand the dialogue between the Romanian public and the artists we love, we’re sparking off inspiring conversations around today’s artistic landscape with newcomers and veterans alike.

The printed edition, exhibited at Romanian Design Week 2016 and 2017, can be found throughout the country, in your local Cărturești library, in friendly venues, in Bucharest, such as Dizainăr, Simbio, J’ai Bistrot, Lente, Burger Van Bistro, Bloom Specialty Coffee, Gram Bistro, Bernschutz & Co Tea, Librairie Kyralina, in Timișoara, at Balamuc / loc de joacă ș-altele, in Târgu Mureș at J’ai Bistrot and at the sea-side in Vama Veche, at Plaja de Carte.

The project features a travelling pop-up exhibition, which was on display at Kube Musette, Lente and Palatul Universul. The new media and print editorial projects were co-founded through the open call by AFCN, in 2015, 2016 and 2017.