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Victor Fota 

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Victor Fota is a visual artist born in 1989, from Bucharest, Romania. He's been studying arts formally since 4th grade. Has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Art History, department of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the National University of Arts in Bucharest (2009-2014)

At the moment he lives and works in Bucharest and he’s focusing on experimenting with oil paintings which illustrate concepts and phenomena described by the scientific method, combined with personal introspection. For his paintings he uses a clean technique which resembles the old Flemish and Venetian method of rigid forms and successive glazes of paint.


Solo and Dual exhibitions:

  • 2018 August                              Solo Show – “Victor Fota, Art and Tech District” by One Night gallery at Globalworth, Bucharest, Romania

  • 2018 July                                   Solo Show – “Love, Victor Fota” at One Night Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

  • 2017 July                                   Dual Show - Hauch Gallery, Prague, Cehia.

  • 2017 March                               Solo Show “Human Extension” Galateca gallery, Bucharest.

  • 2016 October                            Solo Show „Retrospective Mindscape” -  Point Hub, Bucharest.

  • 2016 September                       Dual Show „Symbiosis”, University of Transilvania in Brasov, Romania. Exhibition was part of the visual arts festival, Amural.

  • 2014 October                            Solo Show “Cosmogony, reality through reason” – Imbold Gallery in Bucharest.

  • 2013 April – Mai                       Solo Show “Two Grounds” at Imbold Gallery in Bucharest




Collective (selected):

  • 2020 January                             Collective Exhibition – Awakening – Knew Conscious gallery, Denver Colorado

  • 2018 August                               Collective exhibition – Delusional Art Competition finals at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Jersey City, USA.

  • 2018 May                                    Collective exhibition – Elite Art Gallery at Art Safari Bucharest.

  • 2017 November                          Collective exhibition and live auction of post-belic and contemporary art #267/2017 at Artmark Gallery in Bucharest.

  • 2017 March                                 Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

  • 2017 March                                 Collective exhibition and live auction of post-belic and contemporary art #239/2017 at Artmark Gallery in Bucharest.

  • 2015 September                          Amural festival of visual arts in Brasov, Romania. 

  • 2015 March                                „Reflexivity” at Art Yourself Gallery in Bucharest

  • 2015 Mai                                    “Intersection” at Halele Carol, Bucharest.

  • 2015 April                                   Collective exhibition and live auction of post-belic and contemporary art #185/2015 at Artmark Gallery in Bucharest.

  • 2015 March                                Museum of Contemporary Art, Sicily, Italy.

  • 2015 January                             “That Hug” at Imbold Gallery in Bucharest.

  • 2014 July                                     „Imago Mundi – L’Arte dell’Umanità”, Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso, Italia. Benneton Catalogue Project.

  • 2014 June                                    „București Optimixed 2” at Imbold gallery, Bucharest

  • 2013 December                           ”The Gathering 2” at Imbold Gallery, Bucharest

  • 2013 November                           “Pop-up”  in Bucharest’s Historic Center.

  • 2013 November                           “Tripoteca” at Eforie Cinema in Bucharest.

  • 2013 Octomber                           „ Imbold Nativ” at Imbold Gallery, Bucharest.

  • 2013 Mai                                      „București Optimixed” at Imbold gallery, Bucharest

  • 2013 Mai                                     „Redbull curates the canvas cooler” in Bucharest at the National Bank of Romania.

  • 2012 December                          “The Gathering” at Imbold Gallery in Bucharest.


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